The purpose for establishing Solid State Drive Alliance (SSDA) is to promote the SSD technology. SSDA host technical seminars and invite top international expertise to provide the latest information and assist the SSD manufacturers to learn more about the requirements of SSD products from top international companies. Our goal is to create a platform to share SSD related technology and product information from entire eco system.



SSDA @ Computex Taipei 2016 [May 31, 2016 Taipei, Taiwan]

SSDA @ Computex Taipei 2015[July 2, 2015 Taipei, Taiwan]

2014 SSDA Technical Seminar in Autumn[July 4, 2014 Taipei, Taiwan]

SSDA Computex 2014 Round off[July 4, 2014 Taipei, Taiwan]

SSDA @ Computex Taipei 2014[May 21, 2014 Taipei, Taiwan]

SSDA 2013 SSD Technical Seminar in Autumn [Oct 14, 2013 Taipei, Taiwan]

SSDA @ Computex Taipei 2013 [June 4, 2013 Taipei, Taiwan]


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