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Start from 2012 SSD Alliance switch to a new goal, SSDA will focus on providing seminars for SSD products and technology. SSD Alliance will not provide any further maintenance of SSD Compliance Program.

If you are interested in SSD Compliance Program please click " Send me more information " SSDA will contact you for further update or feel free write to ssdadmin@ssdalliance.org

固態硬碟聯盟(SSDA)自2012年開始轉向新的營運目標,SSDA 將以技術研討會的型式提供 SSD 相關產品及技術內容,因此 SSDA將不再提供更新或維護 SSD Compliance Program 的計劃。

如果您對於 SSD Compliance Program 仍有興趣了解,請點選 " Send me more information " SSD 聯盟將會主動與您進一步連繫,或是您也可以將您的需求寄到 ssdadmin@ssdalliance.org 我們收到後將與您進一步連繫。



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